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n. noun (yur-l) sounds like girl.

1. A yurl, is an affirmation or a yes vote. Used in place of "yea", "Eye" or "I" in a democratic voting process.

2. adverb. Meaning Yes, or yea. Originated from the word yea.

In an early nintendo based video game featuring comic type characters, the phrase "oh yea" sounded like "oh Yurl". The phrase became a common substitution for any feeling of elation, or need to say yes. Later lenthened to "Yurla", the word also became a common greeting and salutation among members of the collective group called "shoosh".

Yurl differs from yurla in that it can be used as a noun as well as an the adverb and salutative forms that are shared by its close brother yurla.

"We will continue with the public hazing when the Yurls exceed the Blargs"

Speaker: "Do you agree with me or not?"
Answer: "Yurl baby"

See also, blarg, indunction munction, cleavage
by Thomual October 07, 2005
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