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n. (In-dunk-shun Monk-shun)

In English, it means, "Induction motion"

(Variation of the words: Induciton, function, motion, gumption, presumption, petition, monk, emption (to buy).)

1. An official verbal petition during a Shoosh society meeting to be inducted into the society.

The prospective member must first make his motion, or "munction" as it is called during meetings, by giving a case as to why he or she should be accepted.

The elders of the club then usually haze or pretend to haze them until they are satisfied, and have had a thorough laugh. If they are satisfied, the prospective must then claim a ball, demand clergy in the name of that ball with the phrase, "I hereby now demand clergy". Once clergy has been demanded, he or she must then raise their fist and proclaim the sacred word, "Shoosh"!

If the other members also raise their fists and universally shout "Shoosh"! The induction ceremony is complete, and the new member is accepted.

(yes this is a real club and this really happens!)
Speaker: "Let the Indunction Munction function begin upon the presumption that whomever has the gumption to begin the petition. Shoosh!"

Reply from crowd: "Shoosh!"
by Thomual October 07, 2005
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