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Yun Ho (윤호)

Yun Ho is a really funny and nice guy~!!!!
But sometimes he can be a meanie!
Even if he bullies you....deep inside his heart, he is a really really good guy~!!!!
He's very kind and he loves his friends~ And he treats them very well!!!!
He has the most beautiful personality and most beautiful heart~
His laugh is super cute and even if he acts cool, he always just looks cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes he is hard to read and sometimes he is mysterious~~
He doesn't show his sad emotions a lot, and sometimes he pretends like he is okay!!!
So you have to take good care of him~

Even though he is very very strong guy, his heart is sometimes sensitive~
And it has to be handled carefully~~ With love!!!!!
Take good care of it no matter what!@~!@!@!@
Yun Ho is a very sweet and caring guy!

He can be very funny and silly~ I think he can get along well with anyone~
He's easy and comfortable to talk to~

He is a very funny guy, i bet he can make anyone laugh~!
His personality is really the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He treats his friends and everyone he cares about really well~
Yun Ho is a cute, kind, handsome, silly, sexy one of a kind guy~
I think anyone would fall in love with him~!!!!!!
If you ever meet a Yun Ho, then you should really keep him in your life~!!!! Never lose him!!!!!!!
Because you will never meet anyone else who is as perfect as Yun Ho!
by Cheekyduckybunny May 21, 2017
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