Bassist for the Japanese band Malice Mizer. In music videos, he often takes on the role of a vampire. He's an incredible bassist, and he was with the band from the beginning up until their "indefinate hiatus" in 2001. He loves chocolate and his favorite color is orange. While the other members have all started or joined other bands, Yu~Ki has vanished from the music scene.
Jrock fan: Malice Mizer are the greatest!
Other jrock fan: Yeah, but it's a shame Yu~Ki hasn't done anything since they broke up.
by Sugimura August 24, 2006
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yu-ki an extremly sexy member of the japanese visual kei band malice mizer. usually the most manly looking one of the band.
joel: yu-ki is a sexy boy
angela: he is a sexy boy
by joel van every June 18, 2006
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