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A petite, lovable girl who works hard to get what she wants. She's usually thin, but has killer curves (the booty). She's shy at first, but as soon as you know her, she can be outrageously loud & funny. She's extremely smart & talented. She has a nice voice, & just makes you want to smile with her words. She's funny, but knows when to get serious. Even though she appears strong, she can be very sensitive. This will make you just want to hug her. She has aura about her that will simply attract you to her. She's beautiful, but in an exotic way. She's unique. An Ysatis is completely one of a kind.
Daaaamn, Ysatis, when did you get so good at singing? I wish I could have your voice.
by Andy Jacob Price May 05, 2013
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Big Booty, hot and sexy, down to earth . always thinks of other before herself--which i'm trying to make her change, but it's not working--deserves more happiness in her lyf. And needs to stop dating assholes. example her exboyfriend.
Ysatis, know that i will always love even through i'm off at NYU. I'm sorry that i haven't been around at your time of need, know that i'm always here for u and always will be.

Remember when u turn 18, we're going on that date u promised me. and i'm 4sho going to u your coral park grad in 2 yrs, only if u go to new york for mine.
by Andy_At_NYU July 17, 2006
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Guest4534: when i try to host a game of ut2004 it doesnt work does someone know why it doesnt work can you tell me how to get it to work plz
TheNinja: Perhaps the trouble is YSATI?
by TheNinja August 08, 2004
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