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Yosser / Yozzer Hughes. Character in the Boys from the Blackstuff 1982 Mini TV Series has been adopted / forced on people with the surname of Hughes.

Unlike names relating to surnames / forenames e.g stevo, jack, bill, hughesy, jonsey etc it is a complete name change.
(Stokie Version) Eh up Yozz, ah we gooin dayn thee pub fer a few jars??
by Yozzer Hughes February 10, 2004
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Yozzer is a nickname popular nickname in Liverpool for anyone whose surname is 'Hughes' - a corruption from the pronunciation of 'hughes' as 'Yooz'. This nickname came into wider use after the creation of the iconic character 'Yozzer Hughes' in Alan Bleasedale's 1980s TV drama, 'Boys from the Black Stuff', though prior to this, as 'Yozzer' and 'Hughes' are effectively the same word, nobody would have been called 'Yozzer Hughes' in the same way nobody is called 'Smithy Smith' or 'Jonesy Jones' - someone called Hughes would simply be called 'Yozzer'.
Jimmy Hughes was always known as Yozzer at school.
by elmartino November 26, 2016
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