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Yoyofro, also said "Yoyo Bro" is usually the name of a person who thinks they're cool because they say swag and yo.

They end up saying these words so much that they become "swag masters" and start off every converstation with yo, bruh, suh, cuh or fam and never finish off any word ending in "ing"

Example: Chillin' Nothin' Walkin'
Yoyofro: Yo wassuh fam, how we chillin' cuh?
Regular Person: uh, yeah hi dude. What's up?
Yoyofro: nuthin' much bruh, i was chillin' all day fuckin' on Dave's bitch. Whas down wich u fam?
Regular Person: End my suffering please.
by Double-Yoshi-Exploshi April 18, 2017
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