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(adj) A video on a porn site that is bland, boring and doesn't show much skin. It's too "clean" and would probably be allowed on Youtube. Usually a shake video.
Freddy: Yo take a look at this shit on Youporn
Rob: Wtf, this shit is wack as hell, she's just shakin her ass
Freddy: I know it's Youtube worthy but it's still pretty good
Rob: No Youtube worthy porn is good..
by Jayy Smooth May 23, 2010
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Adj: a video or short movie clip liked by many people and is worthy of being put on

Verb: to make a video that is good enough to be viewed by many people on
Adj: The video of the monkey sniffing its own crap and falling off a tree is very youtubeworthy!

Verb: In this upcomming show your making, make sure you youtubeworthy it.
by Daryl Poovey February 04, 2008
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A Metaphor to porn on the Internet becuase everybody knows that the worst porn is on YouTube, but for some reason it's still used.

Usually used to compare someone's sex skills.
Jack: I hooked up with Harriet last night!
Aaron: She's a total slut, I'd say that's YouTube worthy.
by DallasTX April 17, 2010
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