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YourBestIsMyWorst is a player on the Markov server in the online FPS game Planetside, and has been playing since the game was in beta.

YourBestIsMyWorst is one of several toons, including:

YourBestIsMyWorst (Markov server)
YourDeathScreamAmusesMe (Markov server)
IveBeenBad (Emerald server)

YourBestIsMyWorst plays Terran Republic Infiltrator/cloaker almost 100%, using Darklight, Enhanced Targetting, and Sensor Shield implants.

Deadly with grenades and the repeater pistol, and absolutely devastating with the Spiker pistol, YourBestIsMyWorst is an above-average player, capable of getting the drop on most enemies. YourBestIsMyWorst hardly ever plays a grunt, never uses Rexo armor or Heavy Assault weapons, never uses vehicles (except for transportation), and is not a "kill whore" type of player, but still averages about a 4-to-1 kill/death ratio, and about 30 to 40 kills per hour.

YourBestIsMyWorst posts occasionally on the forum, and is most known for taunting and teamkilling friendlies ingame. Favorite tactics are one-shotting friendlies who are almost dead as they're running for cover or healing, and boomering friendlies as they're about to capture a base by taking an LLU to a command center. Needless to say, these antics have earned YourBestIsMyWorst a lot of hatred within the Planetside community, and has opened him up to being teamkilled himself on numerous occasions, which he doesn't mind in the least.
<Global> SomeWorthlessCR5: YourBestIsMyWorst is TKing again! Kill him on sight!
by YourBestIsMyWorst December 10, 2006
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