A lit killing game made by a Japanese person translated into English; which has ages ranging from a 6th grader to a college professor. Did I mention there are floor masters, some of which are 'dolls', which is kinda misleading when at least two of them have a living human controlling them.

To sum it up: A killing game with kids and adults, ages in between too!
It's Your Turn to Die, Sou.

Bro, did you play Your Turn to Die yet? It's a free online browser game!
by Dapril1 November 12, 2019
Ok so basically this highschooler named Sara Chidouin and her friend classmate whatever named Joe Tazuna get trapped in a killing game and- oh shit, people die NOOOOOOOOOOOO-
"It's Your Turn To Die"
"No you bitch" Pulls out Keymaster card
by Urbanussy April 26, 2022