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The mascot of the Montreal Expos baseball team. His number is an exclamation point and he usually performs his mascotly antics in front of countless empty seats at Olympic Stadium. He is great mascot. His name is rumored to be of French origin. At one time there were rumors he was homosexual, but these are demonstratably false, since homosexual men wear stylish clothes, while Youppi wears the least stylish thing ever made, an Expos jersey. Youppi is hated by baseball commisioner Bud Selig because of Selig's jealousy of the Expos success in 1994 as compared to his own Brewers' mighty struggles.
Youppi encouraged all 12 of the Expos fans in attendance to root root root for the home team!
by Mattalonsas July 08, 2004
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No such mascot exists. There is a "Youppi!," who was at one time a mascot for the hapless Montreal Expos, but he has since faded into the ether, where he will remain.
If the Canadian Mounted Police buried Youppi in a shallow grave outside of Montreal, would anyone shed a tear?
by whisky_alf May 01, 2005
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