A genre of (primarily) novels, movies, and tv shows that often focuses on the perspective of a young teen protagonist who is a goody two-shoes mary sue messianic type of character who lives in a dystopian setting and for some reason he/she is the leader of a rebellion against a totalitarian government or uncovers a government conspiracy and seeks out to liberate the people of his/her dystopian nation. Often this is a cheap way of writing a story because the intended audience are tween age kids, teenagers, and even college students because people of these age groups are easily impressed with narrow story telling and narratives that play with their sense of grandiosity.

It becomes worse with another form of Young Adult Fiction that focuses on romantic angst and (even worse) romantic angst with fantasy monsters like vampires, zombies (ehhh necrophilia!), and werewolves (that's for furries). Many of these romantic YA novels tend to focus on bland and 1 dimensional characters with extremely bizarre scenarios of drama or teen angst that are supposedly "relatable" but are really far fetched from being relatable to a irl person. Once again tween and teenage female readers tend to read this stuff because it somehow relates to their trivial problems when in reality they don't at all.
Examples of Young Adult Fiction in the science fiction dystopian setting:
The Hunger Games, Divergent, Ender's Game, Maze Runner.
Examples of Young Adult Fiction with romantic drama or romantic drama with halloween monsters:
Twilight, Paper Towns, Fault of Our Stars, Warm Bodies, A Hunger Like No Other, and lastly, Fifty Shades of Gray.
by Deadmojo September 02, 2018
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