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Expression mostly used by male nerds in their 40s, going through their 2nd puberty. (Youngsters can be affected as well.) For some reason they live a symbiosis with their labtop, whishing something different would actually be on top of their lap...
Reasons for that symbiosis could be an unfulfilled sexual life, high sex drive, etc.
Fact is: they lose contact to real life and real sexuality, because the "web" as the "SUPERMARKET OF LOVE without love" offers sooooooo muuuuuuch!
Dude 1:
"Uuuuuuhhhh babe,

please wait,

don't go away

you should stay,

you're just the right chick

you can give me the KICK!

You must be a YOUCUTE

Let's meet on Youtube!"

Dude 2:
"Ohhhhh, my dear,

you are here,

just can't find the right word,

you know I'm a nerd.

You're no substitute,

you're such a YOUCUTE,

I wanna meet you on Youtube.

Let's fix a time,

and I'll make yooouuu miiiiine!"
by isabeltinkerbell March 12, 2012
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