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An uninteresting youtube video typically featuring a hyper-active, annoying, yet physically attractive young woman. YouTube bimbos have inundated YouTube with asinine videos that typically convey worthless suggestions, assumptions, and information.

YouTube bimbos are usually female around the ages of 15-25. They are characterized as being quite attractive yet overly animated, and vacuous. Thus, the core philosophy of a YouTube bimbo is to emphasize their physical feminine assets and attributes to attract a large audience where video content would not.

A YouTube bimbo usually creates videos that are given strange titles that initially pique one's interest. Their YouTube videos usually pertain to inane subjects or broad sophomoric social topics.

The videography of a YouTube bimbo is notably "do it yourself" but some exceptions are made for more widely known YouTube bimbos with a large network of subscribers. In particular, video production involves the use of a webcam or personal video camera. Shots are usually taken from the head up. Usually, a YouTube bimbo is scantily clad; wearing a revealing outfit.
Widely known YouTube bimbos:




by Define Me! April 17, 2009
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