1.The moderators on youtube who go around deleting all of the good anime, reality shows, hacks, and basicly any thing fun

2. A person who is not a youtube moderator, but acts like one by flagging all of the good stuff
carl: Dude! I had this link so I could watch my favorite family guy scene, but now its gone!
Joe: Well, I wouldent be surprised if thoses damn youtube nazis got rid of it

by Dhiz Kanichioko December 1, 2007
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Racist who run to any video with black people or with white people dancing like black people to leave a whole bunch of racist, ignorant comments. Most of the racist however wouldn't have the nerve to say half the things to a black person/minority face to face so they have to be hard core Nazi's on You Tube because that's the only place they might actually be believable.

In real life the You Tube Nazi are failures and they blame the fact that they have a bullshit job at Wal-Mart on blacks and other minorities...even though other white people some how manage to go to college and get decent jobs.

They are the close cousins of the myspace nazi, who will have a whole bunch of racist stuff up on their page but have no problem with adding a black person to their friends list, just so they can make their clan on 'Vampires' bigger.
Youtube Nazi 1: Hey look, a video by an asian person! Let's leave a whole buncha of negative comments for his gook ass!

Youtube Nazi 2: I can't, I've got to pull a double shift at Save Mart.
by JEJEJEJEJEJE January 18, 2009
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The self-righteous geniuses at Google who evaluate comments made on YouTube. They block users' profiles and comments for no apparent reason. Probably just because they can.
"My profile just got cut out of YouTube; I've never made any inappropriate comments. I can't understand why they did it."

"Sounds like the YouTube Nazis got you; they take pride in their power over little people like us."
by dmj64 September 27, 2014
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A word that refers YouTube as the online version of Nazi Germany.

This word was first started by a Twitter user named @moridura on 16 Jan 2012 when he make this hashtag for something that isn't related with YouTube as he was referring more to a world issue.

The hashtag was used again in 2020 by TailzYT, as he denounced the YouTube team and Susan Wojcicki for acting like the online version of Nazi Germany due to their censorship against creators on YouTube.
Susan Wojcicki: I will censor everyone and make sure that they can no longer make any more videos denouncing other YouTubers that our team supports!

YouTube creators: YouTube, you are turning yourself into Nazi YouTube!
by TailzYT2002 April 13, 2020
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