Disrespectfully showing someone out.
You don’t know this definition? Ok no! Leave! The door! You, the door.
by Diagnosedwithbald February 24, 2023
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To tell someone to get the hell out cuz they are a Mental Infant. Seriously, some people just need to be told that they are not as smart as the rest of us and that they should just stop wasting everyone's time and get the hell out.
Hey man I just played 100 straight hours of Final Fantasy.
Dude, you know where the door is, now get the hell out
by Die_Tasse May 21, 2004
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To bang someone like a screen door means to have sex with them, but hard, rough, playful sex.(lots of moaning ;))

*usually said to a girl from the guy*
Baby, i wanna bang you like a screen door!
by jackie :) August 21, 2006
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