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An amalgam formed from the phrases "You Do That" and "You Do So." It is still unclear as to whether the initial usage of the phrase "You Doo Doh" was meant to mean "You Do That" or "You Do So." This phrase is currently sweeping through the New Jersey area as a replacement for both of these phrases. It can also be adapted to many other phrases such as "Ok so go do that" to "Ok so go doo doh."
It can also be used in more than one tense. The importance is on the word "Doh," however (in the non-Homer-Simpson sense).
"Do the dishes!"
"Already did doh!"
The origin of this phrase is quite well-known. It began with one schoolteacher at one small school in New Jersey. On one particular day he was rather livid at his class for violating those super-special rules that were made simply for the case of having rules. Example: No Gum Chewing. He turned, red-faced to the student and shouted, "IF YOU WANT TO GO CHEW YOUR GUM IN THE HALLWAY, YOU DOO DOH!" From then on, the phrase spread like wildfire, becoming frequently used both verbally and on the internet.
It is a very useful phrase as it is both powerful and versatile, and any given human being in the English-speaking United States would benefit from making it part of their vocabulary.
So go out and doo doh.
Present Tense
"Cletas, I'm off to wax the yellow aardvark!"
"Ok, you doo doh!"
Past Tense:
"Mert, Ponschiggythyst is eating out of the toilet again!"
"No! He did doh yesterday!"
Future Tense:
"Hoogalabah! Scrub the stamp bottles!"
"I'll doo doh later!"
by Xtoble September 21, 2005
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