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Originated in Philadelphia

1. Guys usually say, "You Ain't Tweakin We Ain't Speakin"

2. If your not having sex with me what's the point of me talking to you?

3. If your not being a whore or tweakin were not speaking

4. Don't talk to me if your not tweakin (being a whore)

5. I Don't want to talk to you if were not having sex
Tweakin is being a whore and having sex with random guys

Wanna fuck? (Guys says)

No (Girl says)

Why are we talking to each other then? (Guy says)

"You Ain't Tweakin We Ain't Speakin" (Guy says)

Guy no longer talks to the girl once he finds out the girl doesn't wanna have sex
by breezyboooo April 06, 2010
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