Kanemoto Yoshinori is a rapper, visual, and one of the japanese members of the global rookie kpop group TREASURE. He's handsome and as fierce as a tiger when modeling but when he opens his mouth he's the cutest of all. An absolute sweetheart that has the purest laugh and smile. Kind of awkward with jokes but at least he's trying. An introvert but when given the chance to showcase his talents, he doesn't disappoint. Be it music, arts, or maths, he's got it all! An absolute sweetheart that treasure makers melt for because he always treats everyone with kindness and respect.
I love Yoshinori! He's such a giggly baby off-stage but he's literally fire on-stage.
by Junkyu’s Fried Rice October 19, 2020
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A swag unlimited character from YG Treasure Box

"Oh, look at that hottie Yoshinori!"
Yoshinori, the swag prince from Japanese
by MayyH November 15, 2019
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a member of the monster rookie group treasure, this soft-spoken boi can spit fire when rapping. known for his ethereal visuals and charismatic stage presence, he is sometimes called the 'japanese prince' or 'tiger yoshi'.
"oh. it's kanemoto yoshinori. the dark horse and ace rapper of treasure."
by darkhorsefanatic November 22, 2020
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