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A tall beastly being standing roughly ten to twelve feet in height. They are mainly hairless for the most part, bear a bluish hue, and the only noticeable hair are their thin but long beards growing from their pointed chins and are naked. They have extremely broad shoulders and upper body, but thin down a little in the lower. Their legs resemble that of a cat's. They have massive hands which bear extremely large and long claws on each finger(excluding the thumb which carries a small stub of a claw). These claws are very sharp and very strong. They are sharpened by Yorrish claw smiths(who are born with very small claws) and spend their lives sharpening their fellow Yorrans' claws.
They are a peaceful creature and use their natural weapons for harvesting and cutting wood and such. Rarely they find the need to use in battle. They are a reclusive people in the lands and reside in small villages in mountains. They have a deep raspy voice as they don't have many vocal cords, but they have an advanced language and their alphabet resembles that of Egyptian hieroglyphs. They don't use paper, they use clay tablets for written communication purposes so them to use their claws to write with. The average lifespan of a Yorran is roughly 600 years. When reproduction occurs, the egg is hatched inside the mother's womb and a worm lays dormant for a year until it creates a cocoon around itself. It is then when the mother gives birth to it. The cocoon is kept safely for seventy years until a Yorrish child emerges with small stumpy claws. The claws grow longer and stronger with age. You can tell an old Yorran by how long(or large) the claws they have are.
Jermik looked to the Yorran with intense fear in his eyes. The being smiled gently and spoke to him in Yorrish that he meant no harm.
by Daniel Larkons September 15, 2005
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