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"Yom Apu is the Israeli-Hungarian version of the American Hallmark holiday called Father's day. It falls on the Monday following Father's Day. Father's Day is a ritualistic holiday, founded by Hallmark for the purpose of making money. It is characterized by buying lame presents for your father (that are soon forgotten about) as well as life long guilt trips for forgetting about the holiday. Yom Apu is different. Like most other Israeli holidays, it is more sincere and genuine. (Kind of like Yom Hazikaron versus Memorial Day.) When a child wishes his/her father a Happy Yom Apu, s/he really means to say, "You're the greatest Apu ever and I'm going to spend all day commemorating that." Apus are to take the day to rest or play golf with other apus. Although Yom Apu is not a widely celebrated holiday, it is very important to its observers...Kind of like the holiday of Festivus."
I forgot about Father's Day, but remembered Yom Apu!
by rachel schwartz June 18, 2007
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