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Yloponom, (pronounced eel-op-oh-nom) is a language invented during the Plaxénic Wars between Men and Women.

Yloponom is a language that still exists in some African Tribes, but has refrained from going public for thousands of years as it has only recently been discovered by languistics. It is believed to be a mix of Latin and German, as it was rumoured that Adam (from Adam and Eve) was created as fluent in German, and Eve in Latin.

The languages were mixed thus creating the language 'Yloponom', after the fight for dominance after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. It is a diverse language, which eventually was abandoned for the more popular Latin and forgotten about in most of the kingdom, except in few remote places where it remained.

Now it remains in the few original african tribes continued through the centuries. These tribes call themselves Yloponomic Sletoh (Sletoh, presumably meaning Tribe).
Yloponom Language Translation

Would you like to go for a walk?

inaccurate translation

Eht sruasonid ni éht dleif dednésnart morf syéknom?
by Jélovar Ecafoopé April 20, 2008
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