A simple misspelling of "you"/when someone is typing real fast on there phone and hit "I" instead of "o".
by Mac0073 July 3, 2017
Yiu is another spelling of “you” And it originated from the jo language
Yiu are a noob
by Jojotheklown311 August 20, 2020
A chinese term that is used to express at an unpleasant situation or one is annoyed. Similar to "Damn!"
Yiu! What should I do?
Yiu! What do u want?
by Elane February 27, 2004
The way a relaxed male being (preferrebly a tumi) says yes. The dragging of the "u" in yius emphasises his relaxed vibes
Mom: did you wash the dishes??
A tumi: yius
by Naywaymate March 9, 2016
fuck yiu Dylan. Fuck you stupid bitch. Kys stupid faggot ass fuck.
by raci5t April 12, 2022
A chinese guy, usually with extremely straight hair, who rides the Faraz Wheel. A "yiu fai" usually smokes monkey pole, but is known to be neither straight, nor gay, nor bisexual.
Hey yiu fai, your hair may be straight but you aren't.
by Matt August 6, 2003