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something you say when you dont want to say SHIT in school. The teachers cant do anything to you because you are physically not cussing. Yitt can be described as joking, or saying it just because.

orignated in Durham NC
1: mannn, that was some crazy Yitt that happened at school yesterday mannnn
Teacher: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!?!?!
Us: Yitt !!!
by mrcma February 19, 2010
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To forcibly shove ones hand into a rival friends armpit in attempt to demoralize or embarrass them. (Verb, Noun, Pronoun)

A successful "Yit" can be compared to the action of a credit card swipe. The depth of a successful Yitt is achieved when the hand is inserted, reaches the third knuckle and quickly pulled up or out. A person performing a Yitt has the ability to attack from the front or the back. A side Yitt is generally looked down upon in distaste unless performed with exceptional accuracy.

If an attempted Yitt is denied by a firmly tensed armpit or deflection, the Yitee earns 1 swift kick to the unsuccesfful Yitter's butt.
"You just got Yitted."

"That was a good Yitt."

"I am going to Yitt the crap out of you."

"Beware of Yitts"

"Fear of the Yitt"
by Nick100m March 22, 2008
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