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A term, more often spelled "yinzer," is usually used as a pejorative. It refers to those from western Pennsylvania, other mid-southern states, parts of the mid-west, and some east-southern states, who use the word "yins" (variations include "yinz," "yenz," and others). It is pejorative because it is used to judge groups of people, through language, based on their socio-economic status, typically being that of the working class. Other, more widely known, offensive terms may be synonyms, such as "inbred" or "white trash."

Uses of "yinser" are typically made as offensive generalizations about those who use the word "yins" (and its variations) based on the fact that its usage exists in areas which are highly populated by those with working class status, especially in what is known as the "Rust Belt."

"Yinsers" is sometimes used by those who are disconnected from parts of the US in which "yins" is used as a second person plural, similar to "ya'll," and therefore many of the aforementioned stereotypes are made. The term may also be used by groups attempting to disassociate themselves from the status of working class.
Person in Group 1: Are yins goin' to the store?

Person in Group 2: Freakin' yinser.
by YenzDefender November 26, 2011
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pittsburgh white trash, found in divey bars with a harem of overly obese women singing god-awful karaoke.
they say yins or yous in stead of you or you guys
a bunch of yinsers smelled up the bar we went to last night and convinced us to move out of pittsburgh
by doug kingsbury April 26, 2004
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