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1. A cute, dark eyed female with a beautiful personality and curly hair that always looks like she's just had a tumble in the sheets.
2. Is both smart and sexy, and commonly mistaken for the hot teacher/ librarian in music videos/ movies.
3. The girl who must always teach people how to pronounce her name. (no s, or j)
4. Always found paired with friends who's names start with a k.
5.Appears quiet, but is really just waiting till she gets to know you to turn into the freaky girl she's always been.
6. Favorite things are asians and harry potter.
Boy 1 : Oh wow, WHO is that?
Boy 2: oh, that's yezenia. Don't even bother, you're not good enough. No offense. you just need to be really smart AND cute

asians freaky sexy smart curly
by yezzey3 September 30, 2011
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