My boyfriends and I's favorite word to use in excitement.
J: "Yeah."
Me: "Yesh."
by J'sGirl March 21, 2015
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A word which is used when you are too lazy.
YESH!The remote is so far away
by Ni Hao! November 10, 2019
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A better way of saying “yes”. Only swaggy queens can say it.
Person 1: “Do you want some ice cream?”
Swaggy Person 2: “Yesh”
Person 1: okie dokie
by _yourmom267_ October 30, 2018
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Yesh is another word for yes. You say yesh instead of yes because its a more cuter and efficient way of saying yes.
Nawal:Adelina, do you want to go to the park?
Adelina:Yesh, i would love to go to the park.
by Clara Fernandes Fraga April 10, 2019
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