A "Yes day" is the one day that parents pick to say yes to everything their kids want or ask for. There are still some rules to a "Yes day" though. Rule one, parents can't use their phones. Rule two, the kids can't ask for anything in the future like a dog. Rule three, the kids have to earn a "Yes day", like do an extra chore. Rule four, parents CAN'T say "no" the whole day otherwise it defeats the purpose of a "Yes day". Last but not least, rule five, have fun and enjoy!
Kids, we're going to have a Yes day in two weeks!
by Music 67 March 17, 2021
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Where a boy says yes all day to his girl or female friends

In October 10th
Boy yes day
Boys say yes all day to his girl or female friends

Her: can I get a kiss

Him: no

Her : but it’s yes day
by AnTISoCiAl_jimmy October 6, 2021
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girls have to say yes to anything anyone asks or tells them to do.
boy:ask out .....


girl:i hate girls yes day
by bangymanny November 17, 2020
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A girl has to day yes for a whole day
A boy can ask whatever they want
Its National yes day, a girl has to say yes all day, a boy can ask anything
by Bunny mug November 27, 2020
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Every question you have to say yes to!!!

Boy: wanna date?
Girl: uuhh no thx
Boy: sorry its national say yes day so ill pick u up at 7😎
by HEE HEE HEE October 5, 2020
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Girls must say yes to every and any question, this holiday is every "NOVEMBER 18" this day was created due to national boy say yes day which is every november 17
"Hey will you go out with me?"
"N-, I mean yes"
"haha thats what i thought"
she second guessed saying no because since it was national girl say yes day she had to say yes
by bsue isrhir November 17, 2020
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