Expression used frequently on TSN radio in Canada. Popularized by Jeff O’Neill of TSN 1050, as a part of the game created by the Overdrive crew, “Yes Guy, No Guy”.
“Does Jim Tatti listen to classic rock in his under pants in his basement? Yes Guy!”
by OuiGuy October 22, 2020
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multipurpose expression -- conveys many meanings
"did you enjoy that movie?" "yes guy!"
"you won the prize!" "YES GUY!!!"
by K dogg November 14, 2003
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Often said sarcastically, it is used to exaggerate how awful something is. Sometimes it will be said in a strained voice and pronounced like Yisss Guuyss
"Do you want to watch My Little Pony?"
"Yes Guys, I totally love that"
by Life3561 January 22, 2019
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