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Do you know a yeraldy? Because if you do, you sure are a lucky citizen! a yeraldy is one of the most amazing things you can have in your life. yeraldys are very talented, not to mention lovely as well. You will experience the happiest moments with these kinds of things. More to come, for sure. WORD?

Imagine to have a yeraldy in your life. There is a way to make it happen, if you could use a wish. So if you do use a wish for a Yeraldy, you should know that you’ve done the right decision. Indeed.

Cherish your yeraldy.

Have you seen a yeraldy today? You can look for a wild thing with long, dark hair. Often they can’t get enough of chocolate.
1. A cute girl.
2. A gun.
3. A skilled person.
3. Una sombra

Yo, man, put your yeraldy down!!!
We dont wanna start another war.
OMG, Vamanyed(la sombra) at 3 O' clock!!!!
by te_hecho_de_menos May 17, 2010
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