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Verb - To Yellowdog : A consensual sex act that starts with the pouring of olive oil on another's anus and to insert a funnel into that anus and finally to urinate into said funnel.
Tom yellowdoged Gina last night. I'm going to yellowdog your grandmother. Jack and Jill went up the hill and found Mike and Jenn yellowdoging each other.
by JUOT March 18, 2009
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Yellow dog is a term that refers to an actual dog known as a Carolina Dog or Dixie Dog. They are an indigenous "American Dingo" that were selectively bred in North America. They are presumably descendants of East Asian canines.

Yellow Dog can also refer to the drug "methamphetamine". It is also a popular song by Texan musician; John Nitzinger. The lyrics goes as following "Now they say it's the making of a mad man, the devil's finger in your vein".
One person's account goes as follows:

(Yellow Dog) is what we called around Dallas "desoxyn" which was methamphetamine hydrochloride. WE would get fat chicks and take them to this doctor in oak cliff and he would write prescriptions for it and people would soak them in water and shoot them up
"I'm thinking of breeding a Yellow Dog with a Siberian Husky"

"Oh man that yellow dog is gunna kill ya" - lyrics to "Yellow Dog"
by Feral Man August 03, 2014
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(v) - To slack or refuse to do something. To be lazy and "forget" to do something.

(n) - To be a slacker or someone who refuses to do anything.
Teacher: Would you hand in the homework please?
Student: Homework? Eh, I yellow dogged it last night and didn't do it.

Kid 1: Hey, you wanna come outside?
Kid 2: No way, it's like cold out.. and I'm tired...
Kid 1: Man, you are such a yellow dog! Do something for once!
by __Andrew October 14, 2005
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Pee covered mutt. Coward. One who cannot face reality and continually searches for explanations and knowledge to verify the internal hollowness he feels.
Teh yellowdog is bashin Christians agin.
Don't be a yellowdog, stand up and be a man.
by Bastid May 16, 2003
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