A Yellow Heart Emoji “💛” is the emoji someone uses for friends in the contact name or sends to them.

If your female friend puts yellow hearts by your contact name, odds are that you are in the friend zone.
“Look, Tyra put yellow hearts by my contact name. Maybe she likes me now.”
“Nah. If it isnt red then you’re still in the friend zone. Especially when the are yellow.”
by joycleansargent November 4, 2019
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The emoji that comes up on snapchat when you and another person are each other's #1 best friends. In other words, you're probably going to date soon.
Guy: Hey, Zoë and I got the yellow heart last night!
Guy 2: You guys are practically dating!
by Hey cutie pa tootie June 18, 2017
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1. a song
2. it means ¨friends¨. sorry bro, but you've been friendzoned. A moment of respect for our fallen brothers
Bro in her contacts my name is in yellow hearts
Bro she friendzoned you
by introverted sock January 6, 2020
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1. Friendship heart. Could be used to friend zone.

2. A song by Ant Sanders (I’m sorry gb)

—• 1 •—

Guy1: “She sent me a yellow heart to show that she’s not interested in my in a romantic way..”

Guy2: “Oof”

—• 2 •—

She put my name with yellow hearts
Her favorite color like the stars
I didn't listen very hard
When she told me she was crazy from the start
She put my name with yellow hearts
I said she was a work of art
I didn't listen very hard
When she told me she was crazy from the start
She put yellow hearts around my name
I thought they were all just the same
To you, what do they really mean?
Have you only been playing games? Yeah

—• Couldn’t put the whole lyrics because the max is 1500 •—
by XxSADNESSxX April 24, 2020
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Much love for your bff
Wow she used the yellow heart on me bud , that means we're best friends!!
by Wow_____ February 3, 2017
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when a male/female sends the yellow heart emoji, the emoji to show that one is friend zoned
"Ole girl dropped hella emojis in my DM"
"Boy, I ain't color blind, you got yellow hearted. Thought you had a chance"
by fivestartrapper August 25, 2017
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lowest of the low. if sent to someone as an emoji, it basically means you want them to rot in hell
"hey jim"
"she sent me yellow hearts..."
"HA she hates you bro"
by rbucks February 2, 2015
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