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A total airhead.
A fatal flaw that makes a blonde male or female absolutely unfuckable!
What about the blonde bro? Nahhh, I tapped that in highschool. She's a basic yellow bomber.
by Buddhastolemyblunt August 04, 2017
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A fake pill addiction used clown on someone's anger, spastic or, any odd behavior.

Coined by Adam Sandler in the film Just go with it role playing with fake wife and her fake pill addiction, "She likes the pills this one, at night when I come home," What's for dinner?" "well we got some purple pills, green ones and, I got some lovely yellow bombers, that I just took out of the oven"
Mom: What in the goddamn hell is going on in here Cassi?This room is a goddam mess, you need to get your act together , get off your ass and clean this mess up!
Cassi: Mom, you acting crazy gurl, You need to slow down on them yellow bombers.

Mom: Cassi, shut the fuck up!
by iamtool May 16, 2016
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A Yellow Bomber is when you are bangin a girl and you pull out and piss in the condom, In the act of making a water balloon. Then you stand up while she's laying down, When asks "What are you doing? " you smoke her in the face with the bomb.
Dude last night she was talking shit i supersoaked her face with the Yellow bomber.
by Sheo, Shuck, Shrett December 12, 2007
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