When a girl with a strap on is doing a guy in the ass, the guy who is taking it is receiving a blow job and has a midget on his shoulders fucking the guy in the mouth who is receiving it from the girl with a strap on.
"I got really drunk and stoned the other night with my friends and the next thing i knew we were doing the yellow brick road."
by Belkis Deyanira October 12, 2007
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"Walking down the Yellow Brick road" is when one person pees on the floor and then makes someone else walk in the pee bare foot!
by Mar Tea May 31, 2010
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When a group of mates hit a few select places in the deen.

1 - MH (Monkey House) for 2 4 1 happy hour, a reasonably heavy start to get the night going.
2 - TKs (Triple Kirks) for cheap drinks and robbing the bandits
3 - Club P (The Priory) for drinking VK's, turbo shandy's and dancing with as many minks as possible and making use of the robot and avp!
4 - international (The International Casino), for trying to win back some of the night out expenditure and prolong the immenseness of the night as long as possible and laugh at losers!
Hitting the yellow brick road tonight?
by BeastoBot January 3, 2008
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the serial dating of Asian women, usually by white men
Matt: Ever since dating Judy Wong in college, I've been pretty much following the yellow brick road exclusively.

Chris: Dude, there is no Oz at the end of that road, only a brood of whiny halfies

by TinManAndCowardlyLion March 6, 2009
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to skip happily down the steet
comes from the wizard of oz
this morning i listened to some gangsta music instead of my regular alternative rock and i was so pumped up i had to be yellow brick roading it all the way to school today
by achipmonkfromtheendoftheforest February 12, 2007
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When your partner eats 7-8 ears of corn in one sitting, and then once processed through their lower bowels, you have anal relations with them.
Jeff ate a bunch of corn tonight and asked me to go down his yellow brick road.
by Anniesgotagun June 21, 2017
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