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A term used as an insult in some parts of Maidstone that spread to other areas such as oxford and Dover.

This refers to a local legend of a white man with dreadlocks. The legend dates from the towns Nazi past when it was one of the towns in the UK to offer asylum to Nazis fleeing Germany after the WWII and the towns Jewish and Rastafarian populations united to protest against this and was victorious years later. The white man with dreadlocks has bizarrely now come to symbolize rape and Communism.

A recent campaign by the mayor of Maidstone has led to the image of a white man with dreadlocks being replaced with a more politically correct one of a pink elephant
Yearsley: Chekkiout
Dave: Fuck off
Yearley: Chekkiout
Dave: Go away Yearsley
by Comi January 06, 2007
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