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The condition experienced after picking up a new sexual companion during an evening, spending the entire night slamming but being required to work the next day. Symptoms include extreme tiredness, hunger, unusual taste in ones mouth and an inability to focus. While some of the symptoms are considered negative, Yasisclerosis also carries a symptom of extreme satisfaction and being untouchable.
Yasisclerosis gets its name from the greek God attributed with extreme resilience, power and a 'never give up' attitude.
Yasisclerosis is abbreviated to 'YS'
Workmate 1: You won't get much out of me today sorry guys… I have Yasisclerosis.
Workmate 2: I can tell that! Your eyes are hanging out of your head!!
Workmate 1: Yours would look like that as well if you'd only had 45mins sleep and slammed all night before arriving here.
by owenpercival March 07, 2015
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