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An unofficial, polytheistic religion that worships yaoi and/or shounen ai and the two gods Uke and Seme
Yaoism is common amongst girls, most of them being girls who like or love anime.
You sin in Yaoism when you favor yuri over yaoi, blaspheme yaoi, or go against yaoi. Those are the three common ways to sin, but there are plenty more.
Yaoism does not have a book to follow yet. The belief of Yaoism is spreading across the globe. The holidays of Yaoism are on March 25, May 10 and December 18 to 21. In order, they are Analster, Hangover, and Yaoika.
I worship the gods Uke and Seme of the religion Yaoism.
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
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The idea that someone is completely and utterly head over heels obsessed with Yaoi and everything to do with peepees and buttholes of the male body.

AKA a fanatic of guy on guy. <3
I have been living a lie, as I have yet to experience and Yaoism and tenten totally has.

Tenten and her Yaoisms got me thinking i need all the guy on guy porn in my lifffffe.
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by PinkypieDei May 11, 2019
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The most gorgeous girl you'll ever see xx.Dread ❀
Have you seen that becky chick, shes yaoism.
by iDreadnought June 05, 2018
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