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1.)A girl with a big mouth, she cool from time to time. She thinks cautiously, and she know how to dance. Mhm. She can dance.

2.)Very responsible girl, but she CAN and WILL mess that up. Hella quickly. Then she WILL work hard for that trust back. Will she? Who knows.
1.)Bitch 1:Dayum she can dance!
Bitch 2:Of course she can that's a Yannica.
Bitch 1:Fo'sho, Fo'sho.

2.) Boy 1:Dayum, Yannica stood me up.

Boy 2: Stupid, don't feel bad. She going to feel guilty anyways.
Boy1: Oh yee. I'm SO dumb.
by niggafresssshhh May 08, 2011
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an epic bitch most of the time. speaks mainly about topics that no one gives a shit about. will do anything for the $5 sucky-sucky. likes to be called a niggah. can make you feel terrible about being alive. will call you a faggot
That person is such a Yannica geez.
by ThatOneNoob April 28, 2011
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