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A really beautiful flower. That blooms in the sun. It can also be described as a really nice lady or girl. Great personality and is clumsy at their times. She can be one with quite an appetite.
That flower is a Yanaiza
That girl is such a Yanaiza!
by ForeverKnown_Oo March 12, 2015
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Yanaiza is a beautiful kind and caring young lady she can always cheer somebody up and is very useful she has a big heart and is easy to fall in love with she has very limited patient not for everybody though it may seem like it she can be very naughty when she feels like it she loves to have somebody that is very overprotective and get jealous but somebody who will also treat her how she wants to be treated and cares for her and respects her decision yanaiza is also a very beautiful young lady .
I need me a yanaiza shes not perfect but she's all I want and need.
by Hispanic,latina4ever March 29, 2019
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Yanaiza is a caring young lady or women. She has a big heart for all her peers, she can help people at there times . She might not understand them sometimes but she will always help them throughout the way. She always care for the good and the bad. Everyone to a Yanaiza is good deep down. She might be easy to fall in love with but doesnt want to be broken. She might not have the best body but nobodys perfect... Just know that Yanaiza is something you want to get to know and be close with..
I would always want to have a Yanaiza in my life ... at the good and the bad.
by sad_moodz July 03, 2019
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