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The most beautiful girl that you will ever meet. Her smile is so contagious, even on the worst days of your life, it can still make you smile. Her eyes shine brighter than any jewel in the world. Then there's her personality. She has the cutest laugh in the world, and she is super funny. She can sing really good, she should try to be in "The Voice." Yanah never runs out of things to say, and can always think of a really enjoyable story that everyone can enjoy. Basically, Yanah is the best girl in the world.
Boy 1: Yo. Is that Yanah over there? Shiiiiii...
Boy 2: Yup. That's her. That's Yanah (Arianna). Damn, look at her she's a goddess.
Boy 1: No she isn't.
Boy 2: What do you mean?! Look at her.
Boy 1: I know. You're totally right. I can's disagree with you. What I meant to say she's more than a goddess. She's a goddess and she's fucking flawless. Even Aphrodite got jealous.
Boy 2: Man, I wish she was in my arms.
Boy 1: Yea, me too.
by wHaT aRe yOu DoIng sTEp BrO?! September 05, 2019
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That weird girl who is going to be honest even when she shouldn't be.
"What did she just say?"

"Oh, she''s just being yanah."
by That Which May 27, 2017
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This is the name of the most beautiful amazing girl you could ever meet. I mean they are pretty, funny, friendly (most of the time), adorable and they have amazing style. If you manage to find a Yanah don't ever let her go and if you do I swear she WILL make you regret it. She will most likely be the one to always be single in the friendship. If you end up dating a Yanah you are one of the luckiest people in the world and If she leaves you don't beg for her back because she left for a solid reason and if you try to get back with her trust me if she says yes shes just going to make your life a living hell and then leave again so don't try to get her back.
Guy 1 "omg I love yanah she is so cute"
Guy 2 " be careful yanahs are crazy"
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by April 12, 2021
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