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1. (noun) a person who sees themselves as the savior of a grateful nation concerning all matters of immigration.

2. (noun) Yakima’s one-man DHS, the seldom revered/never feared ICEMAN

3. (verb) to verbally abuse—always from a position of anonymity—members of another race, gender or sexual orientation.

4. (verb) to attempt to incite riots/revolutions/garage sale boycotts against anyone who differs in the slightest from the inciters’ perspective of normalcy.

5. (adj) any person with a barely measurable IQ, who lets Team Limbaugh/Dobbs do the thinking for them.
Damn, when she learned that my great-great grand mother was a quarter Jamician, she went all YakiPoon on me.
by boppa23 May 02, 2011
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