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Greeting, similar to 'was gwanin'. Meaning 'hows things' or 'what you up to'
"Yaga blud, what you under?"
by =ID= July 24, 2006
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yes, same; to agree to someone or something
Derek: “Yo I like you...”
Tiffany: “YAGA!”
by sexykitty7 December 18, 2017
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The rare form of yoga performed by mythological snake women.
Jake was really struggling to get this "yaga" thing right. He then realised two things, he was not reptilian nor a woman.
by Iamn00bish September 15, 2016
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The last bits of a bag of chips
Friend "Hey, who ate all the Doritos?"

Me "They're not all gone, the Baba Yaga's still there!"
by BluexTech April 7, 2018
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Russian/Ukranian folklore witch.

Lives in a hut in the middle of the forest. The hut has a distinct personality, and is built on chicken legs, so it can move around, spinning and screeching. It may turn its back on visitors, or even run and jump on them. However, when the secret password is stated, the hut calms itself and squats to allow the visitor to enter.

Baba Yaga is also unique in that she flys around the forest in a giant mortar, steering herself with a large pestle.

Baba Yaga makes appearances as the villain in the once popular "Quest for Glory" games by Sierra.
Is that a UFO?

No, It's Baba Yaga in her mortar.
by moltovivace February 23, 2005
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You basically smash a girl into a little ball and yell YAGA.

Heard some 12 year old in CSGO say this so I thought I would define it.
girl: hey what's up
by BobSponge01 May 3, 2019
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Grettings to someone
by Seba October 29, 2003
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