1. To say that something is false or 2. another way of saying "you thought ."
Girl: yes this is real horse hair! Boy: yaga
Teacher: did u all do your homework? Class: yaga!
by Let thy slay May 4, 2015
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A social media app/platform like snapchat and groupme combined, but instead of secretly having to screenshot nudes and videos, they stay there forever. It literally doesn't get any better.
Using Yaga has made it so much easier to to collect a video bank of all the greatest moments in life, like nudies.
by NNFC April 27, 2015
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Yaga is what you would say when doing something quickly. Lets say killing a bug... Right when you try to kill it you would yell YAGA
Kid#1- did you here Jessica yell "Yaga"?

Kid#2- yeah, but why?

Kid#1- Idk but I heard that usually when people say it, it's when they are trying to do something quick and easy
by I_want_a_taco March 10, 2016
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Friend; Im gonna go ask this girl out.me yaga
by Seitch February 25, 2018
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A carefree or easygoing person - careless in the sense of without cares.
"OK Fred, now you're a yaga yaga
OK Fred, bully for you
OK Fred, now you're a yaga yaga
I wanna be one too"

"OK Fred" by John Holt (sung by Errol Dunkley)
by Flashman June 14, 2004
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You’re so excited to be sexiest milf/dilf to ever live
by Rlza September 7, 2021
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