Things that old lady's with crusty voices talk about. You pump yabbie from the sand and are commonly used as bait, but can be eatin'.
I'm a crusty old lady and i like Yabbies.
by Anieez September 28, 2010
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To go fishing/netting for yabbys, which are a type of animal like a crab or crawfish, found in slow-moving water. An Australian term.
My brother wants me to take him yabbying
by sidfjfj March 11, 2013
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To grab someone by the scruff of the shirt and repeatedly punching them in the chin.

Replicating the motion of pumping for yabbies in the sand.
That mouthy bloke up at the bar is cruising for a yabbie pumpin'
by TheofficialBeerfridg August 17, 2022
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A derogatory term used to describe a woman's vagina with extremely prominent labia majora, such that it resembles the small pieces of meat commonly used as bait for catching yabbies.
Man, that chick I nailed last night had some serious yabby meat goin on. Her flange had flaps so meaty they belonged in an abattoir.
by Buckerous Naked February 2, 2021
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When a man's penis is held between the thumb and forefinger
Example "Hooly Dooly that bloke just yabby grabbed me"
by BloodBear June 7, 2019
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The 18 year old was so yabby eyed at his 18th birthday party that he pissed his pants and had to be put to bed by his parents at 10pm.
by Leroy The Prophet October 11, 2006
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yabby is amazing. she is so smart and kind and puts others first before herself. she loves her family and her 3 sisters so much. she wants to be a doctor, a lawyer, a lifeguard, and a police officer. She wants to own 42 dogs and 2 cats. She loves her best friends pizza and pizza. Yabby is great
Wow Beyoncé reminds me of yabby
by yabby and faith May 7, 2018
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