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YUG Yogurt is a homemade brand of yogurt that has probably become even more popular in the past twenty-four hours. The specialty yogurt is available anywhere in the US, Europe, Japan, or Australia. Limited edition yogurts were released in spring 2009 with Looney Tunes™ themed packaging and matching slap bracelets by demand of the public. It is now a proven fact that there was a more limited amount of Daffy Duck products manufactured in the backyard of the yogurt chef.

There has been belief that a government conspiracy is taking place in which YUG is being eaten instead of pizza...?!? Is it true?!

The Daily Wisconsin published a recent article about the yogurt:

"YUG Yogurt Incorporated, a small company that makes and sells homemade yogurt, has become one of the best-known products of recent times. All across America, and even in Europe, Japan, and Australia, YUG Yogurt is causing a stir among health nuts, food enthusiasts, and even children. 1 in 3 households in America have YUG in their refrigerators, and that number is increasing every day.
The bestselling yogurt is said to be "full of health" and "good for you," and this no-frills approach has proven to be a very effective method of advertising. YUG has sold over 20 million yogurt cups in each of the United States, and at least 300 million overseas. This fast-growing trend of good-tasting, healthful, and delicious breakfast food is rapidly becoming one of the most successful empires of the last 100 years. Interestingly, this isn't good news for many small restaurants across the country.
"They just ain't buyin' my pizza no more," said Marcus O'Hara, who runs Gino and Vinny's Pizzeria on 23rd Street. "They’re just eatin' YUG all the time.“ Indeed, many companies across the United States are complaining about the success of YUG, saying that its phenomenal success dampens their own sales revenue.
Despite the consequences for small businesses, YUG will remain one of the world's most beloved foods. Representatives from the National Food Hall of Fame are reported to have plans to induct YUG into the museum, and say that it would be enshrined between Coca Cola and Hershey's Chocolate Bars.
Health officials and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have declared YUG yogurt “a miracle of the modern day,” while Wikipedia reports over 600,000 views each day for their online article about the sensational yogurt. At 50 calories per serving, and lacking fat, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium, YUG yogurt is extremely beneficial to the health of all who consume it."

-The Daily Wisconsin~May 13th, 2009
YUG Yogurt assassinated Kennedy!

No way!

I here YUG Yogurt also assassinated Lincoln!
by Polly Franklin May 12, 2009
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