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YTL or Thatytlife is a collab channel on youtube made up of 6 boys.

The current hosts in order of Monday to Saturday: Will Carmack, Matthew Devries, Taylor Baxter, Jace Peregord, Peyton Brown, and Jack Dodge.

The collab channel was created in June of 2013 by Mikey Murphy who has since left the collab channel. Aaron Carpenter was also the Saturday host for a short time but also unfortunately left.

each of the 6 hosts are extremely attractive and immensely adorable.

Will 16 is known for his famous saying "Where theres a Will theres a way my name is Will have a nice day" Also he is the shortest member.

Matt 21 is the oldest YTL member and is known for his loving attitude and his adorable kitten Toby.

Taylor 19 is the only member of YTL currently in college he is know for his devilish puns and for posting his videos on HUMP DAY
Jace 16 is known for being the badass of the group. He harshly unfollows fans and hates animals..... jk he is the most adorable member of YTL and is known for uploading on Australian time schedule even though he lives in Michigan.

Peyton 16 is the mysterious one of the group. He is an awesome dancer and loves to eat sandwiches.

Jack 16 is the youngest of the group. He is very adorable. He is the only member of YTL to live in California and has an A+ eyebrow game.

The fans of YTL are known as part of the YTLFamily. If you dont know who they are go check them out on youtube ThatYTLife.
Lucy: "Hey have you heard of that new collab channel YTL?"

Mia: "Yeah, they are so awesome!"
by livinthatytlife January 18, 2014
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An acronym for "you're the lord"
A statement implying a deeper yet superficial meaning; normally bringing humour into the situation and ridiculing the subject. A great way to pay out your subject or start a msn conversation...
1. Jack: I F***ing hate you
John: Man ytl
2. Rebecca: Hey amy, I topped science!
Amy: Jeez babe, ytl!
by dootz datz December 05, 2005
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