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You're Only on Spring Break Once. This saying is a more specific and acute version of YOLO; YOSBO takes YOLO to the next level. The concept behind YOSBO is derived from a spring break trip where the atmosphere demands your utmost partying skills. You live up spring break as if you are only going to experience it once in your life, which reverberates to decisions that are often bad, impulsive, scandalous, or unhealthy -- all in the name of having a good time. YOSBO supports anything that is conducive to partying. YOSBO can continue outside the context of spring break and be a way of life. YOSBO transcends rules, laws, and social standards-- it encourages any means to the most fun (and hopefully most drunk) end. YOSBO encourages a spirit that embraces the beauty of youth, poor choices, debauchery, random hookups, perpetual intoxication and general lack of cognitive functioning. YOSBO does not acknowledge feelings of regret, guilt, shame, or repulsion.
If you wake up in the morning and are sick, tired, hungover, or simply have an attitude that would sway you to stay in bed, you say YOSBO. YOSBO gets you out of bed, onto the beach, and puts the un-needed and un-wanted drink in your hand. YOSBO propels you forward to continue drinking, to say "yes" when you should say "no", to fist pump a little bit too much, and to take off clothes that should probably stay on.

When I was on spring break, there was a native man that touted a monkey around for the visitor's entertainment. While blackout, I hooked up with the man (and questionably the monkey). Do I regret it? No. Why? Because of YOSBO.

While in the spring break pool, I entered (and won) a condom blowing contest. On a stage. In front of hundreds of people. And didn't remember it until being told. Am I embarrassed? No. Why? Because of YOSBO.
by Yosbodomi March 13, 2011
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