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You Look Happy - Let Me Fuck It All Up For You
a primordial response that is triggered when a human female is exposed to the pheromonal output of a male who is happy and secure. The female in question will normally attempt to use sex to appropriate that happiness, retarget it onto herself instead of the male's current partner, then proceed to mercilessly drain it all away like a hideous, bloated leech into the gigantic, gaping holes in her personality and self-esteem.

She will insatiably continue to guzzle and feed on his hope and strength until the man has absolutely nothing left. Once she has sucked him dry of all happiness, confidence and security, she will typically complain that he is "no longer the guy she once knew", and immediately leave him find a new, happy man to begin the process again. YLH-LMFIAUFY
by iamnotagaymanfromberlin April 10, 2010
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