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Stands for You Gotta Live Life On The Edge, and it replaces YOLO and FISH (fuck it, shit happens). Its pronounced Why-gloat, which is fitting because people who dont know what it means will think you dont want to gloat, (questioning, why should I gloat about it?).
"why are you playing WiiSports without the strap!?"
"Dunno, YGLLOTE"
*At the hairdressers*
"So what kind of style do you want?"
"Surprise me!" (you could end up with anything, THAT's YGLLOTEing!)
When you're watching recorded tv and fast-forwarding through the adverts, fast-forward it on the fastest thing, and then press play and you have to watch from there
Don't safely eject USB sticks, just RIP THEM OUT!
by thatnerdykid June 23, 2013
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