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1. Anything that motivates you "Get's you going"

2. A feeling/vibe (positive or negative)
(1.)Biggs : U tryna to go to the liquor store before the party?

Ricky : Hell yeh I been grindin all day i need some yeenery before we slide

(2.)Pam: What the function was like last night?

Julia: Dat shit was nuttin but dat pure yeenery

(3.)Biggs : Look at this bitch right here what you think?

Ricky : Shit, she iight i'd yeen it (means you'd indulge)

(4.)Pam : what yall on over there

Julia: Shit, we over here yeening pull up (means you're hangin out )
by BUKKWEAT BILL July 09, 2018
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